DSC00844Many describe the Brandon Center as a “home away from home” because of the friendly, bilingual staff, always eager to assist participants, seeking to help meet diverse needs with a wide variety of programs, services and classes focusing on child development and health and safety.

Brandon Living RoomAll families are welcome and all services are offered at no charge.

The spacious, comfortable living room area greets the community with wide open arms offering a break from a busy day. On any given day, you may see some individuals relaxing with coffee and a newspaper while others are working and talking with staff about upcoming opportunities.

In the creatively decorated children’s area toddlers bounce happily to the sounds of upbeat music. Other children may enjoy staging a puppet show, playing dress-up, or engaging in age-appropriate activities with caring staff. Often, this room features mothers and fathers sitting on the giant, colorful rug with their babies lying comfortably in front of them, intently listening to an instructor as they learn the art of infant massage. As always with each Center, the needs of individuals, and their families, are top priority.

Brandon Little Kids AreaThe computer station is a busy area of the Center where members are welcome to use the computer to conduct research and search for job opportunities, update or create a resume and cover letter, and access learning opportunities.

The spacious kitchen is host to a variety of fun, family-oriented events, including pot-luck dinners, multi-cultural experiences and a great time socializing and networking. The Center is an ideal place for families who are new to the area to come and form new bonds of friendship.

The programs and services provided at the Centers are driven by input from participating families, who are part of the Family Community Advisory Council. Needs are assessed, ideas are brainstormed, priorities are set and plans are developed as families, staff and community agencies work together.

Stop by and visit the Center, ask questions, and become involved. The Children’s Board Family Resource Centers are here to help you become Happier, Healthier and Stronger!

Happier... Healthier... Stronger