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The friendly, bilingual staff work individually with each family, to get to know them, and to discover ways that the Children's Board Family Resource Centers in North Tampa can best help meet their individual needs. The programs and services provided at the Centers are focused on child development and health and safety and are provided at not cost to participants. Many programs are a result of a strong community partnership between local agencies to provide the best possible resources available to families in the North Tampa area.

The computer station is a busy area of the Center where members are welcome to use the computer to conduct research and search for job opportunities, update or create a resume and cover letter, and access learning opportunities.

While classes are being offered to parents, children are also cared for and involved in age-appropriate activities and play time. This also enables parents to be able to focus and concentrate on their class or activities.

The library boasts a variety of materials including books, video tapes, literature and information about local resources and a variety of topics for personal development and pleasure reading. Often adults and children can find books to read and borrow.

 The services and programs provided at the Center are driven by input from participating families, who are part of the Family Community Advisory Council. Needs are assessed, ideas are brainstormed, priorities are set and plans are developed as families, staff and community agencies work together.

Stop by and visit the Center, ask questions, and become involved. The Children’s Board Family Resource Centers are here to help you become Happier, Healthier and Stronger!

Happier... Healthier... Stronger